My name is Abbey. 

I’m an extroverted introvert fuelled by black coffee and licorice tea, with a completely justified (irrational) fear of birds. I won the award for ‘most likely to trip on the night’ at my High School Graduation and I live for any excuse to entertain or use my cat teapot collection. I can be easily won with curry, seafood, sauvignon blanc or caramel in any form, and I love a good house plant or 12. 

I’ve spent the last decade of my life sucking up peoples spit (okay, that sounded weird... I was a dental nurse) and  making extravagant costumes for Halloween. 

I’m not overwhelmingly gifted at sports or things that require agile movements (and my family like to remind me of this when we share a friendly game of Vball, by ensuring that whichever team begrudgingly gets me, also receives a handicap advantage. Always a real confidence booster). 


When I’m not wowing the pants off the guests at your wedding, you’ll find me with my little crew (helicopter rescue husband, Lego enthusiast 5 year old, and sassy ginger baby) sinking Vietnamese coffees at the markets, having picnics in parks, visiting dog beaches with the Weimaraner or riding along the strand with my pug in my bike basket. I love a complex puzzle, an enthralling book and a party that needs planning. I adore baking, crafting and emotive writing, so let me do my thing, and write your wedding ceremony yeah? 


Hola at me to do just that, in the contact tab up there ^